4 puppies were born, 2 males and 2 females.
PUPPIES be reserved in strict order of arrival.



Almodobar Kennel presents its exclusive and unique litter for the next four years. We will not breed another litter until 2020.
In this article we will try to explain as best as possible; our ideas and ways of working in the dog world and with our dogs.
First of all we would like to explain that we are a humble middle-class family, we like to enjoy our dogs as part of our family, and we treat them as if they were our own children. We are clear mind about what we want to achieve in the dog world.
Due to our labors and lack of time availability, we can not afford to have a lot of litters or breeding and competing in shows at the same time. One of our ideals is that we don´t want to breed many litters, we prefer to do less but more selective breeding, for this reason we decided to enjoy every moment, and don´t breed when we are in competition, or don´t compete when we have litters.
When we breed a litter, we like to take our time to raise good healthy and strong puppies, and train them daily too to get very sociable puppies in daily life and well trained for the show ring, with warrior characters and not fear al all. To achieve this goal we dedicate several years before breeding studying genetics, posibilites of open crosses, blood relations and compensation of our female with potential males that we admire and fit as much as posible with to our ideas. After several months or even years of study, we refus some crosses until find the crossing that we like and fits our criteria. First of all for us the most important is the health and wellness of both male and our female involved in the crossing. Among many internal standards that we demand to ourselves, one of them is to don´t do more than three litters to the same female in her whole life, we want to say too that as far as we have been in the dog world, we had never to reach our limit so we only have had one or two litters per female.
As we like to do things right, over the years with great sacrifice and effort, we have built a modern, spacious facilities with exclusive use dog grooming room, available veterinary team 24 hours, feeding range  Super Premium, same that we use for our own dogs, available to customers who have our beagles, wide pens equipped with automatic waterers, park area outside, security cameras, and with all the hygiene and cleaning required to work with animals desired for all customers interested in our puppies, they can visit us by appointment in advance.
Our final goal in the dog world and exhibitions of beauty, is to breed a new generation after several years in order to renew our lines, to proceed with our projects and to get new and better specimens to improve our kennel and collaboring with the improvement of the breed in our country.
We are in the dog world only to enjoy what we are doing not to make money, that is the reason to have only a few litters, we want also to emphasize that what we offer to our clients, and many times own friends, is the same quality that we breed and select for stay us, of course we can not keep a whole litter of siblings, but our work to get homogeneous litters is the same for our customers than for us. Responsability, description, a very exclusive and personalized care from the birth the puppies to they go to live with their new owners.
We do not sell cheap puppies, we are not a multibreed or produce a lot of litters in our kennel, we respect everyone ideas, colleagues who share their love to animals with us, and other people who see the dog world from other perspectives, but if you are looking for a cheap puppy and your think it is more important than health, character, qualities, service, please, please go and look in other place. As we said at the beginning of this text, we are people with very clear ideas, looking for our puppies families who love animals, who value our work and not just looking for a pet or gift for Christmas, but they look a new canine member to form part of their family as a loyal and and best mate forever.
Summing up, we want to explain that we do not answer WhahtsApp or similar ways of first contacts, because we think it is very important that those who are really interested in our puppies can do telephone call to contact us, or people not Spanish language speaker can contact us by email. Also regarding the shipment of our puppies, you ask that you do in person, to know each other and our facilities. If it is not possible, we offer different services, even we can move to deliver the puppy in person sometimes, but never we send by any courier.
I could continue talking about dogs, beagles is our breed, and the canine world is something that has no end for someone like me, who lives this as more than a hobby, this is all part of my life. But I think here I should stop writing, for more information, questions, you can contact us.
Greetings to all animal lovers and to the canine world particularly, and if you like our breed, do it responsibly.
Put a Beagle in your life !!!!